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By E. Heinrich-Sanchez

image-1The World Education Games (WEG) are just around the corner for October 2015, and the pre-registration is now OPEN at

Participation is free. Practice online using your pc, ipad, iphone or android device at

We encourage JTE’s (Japanese Teachers of English) and Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) including those on the JET Programme, to sign up your school and have students participate. The Math competition is a great first entry point.

To remind everyone, Oct. 13th is the World Literacy Day, Oct. 14th the World Maths Day and Oct. 15th is the World Science Day.

The I Love Okinawa Campaign® has endorsed this fun event since the first Literacy Day in 2010. We first found out about it when we visited Kadena Middle School students, and witnessed first hand the excitement of this “real-time-on-line” competition. We loved it so much we contacted the company. The first Japanese posters were produced for Okinawa.

Okinawa Team Ryukyu: World Education Games – YouTube at

Okinawa Team Ryukyu: World Education Games

Students create their own avatar. Teachers register their classes and assign usernames and passwords to students. Students can practice before the competition the month before. Participation is FREE!

Students not only participate with kids around the world, they challenge their individual scores against the clock together. As an option, they can collect donations for the UNICEF School in a Box Project with basic materials for 80 students for a year.

Wildly popular with kids around the world, the games were held in March until 2013. WEG is run by 3p Learning Ltd. The company took a break in 2014 to re-tool in order to accommodate for the millions of participants.

Since 2010, World Maths Day holds the “Guinness World Record” for the Largest on-line Maths Competition

imageFrom 2011 to 2012, we promoted local participation. Onna Village Board of Education did a test run at Afuso JHS, while the Okinawa AMICUS International students where able to raise money for two UNICEF School-in-a-Box.

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