C-1 Gourmet Battle and Aloha Chatan fill American Village weekend

About 30,000 people show up to select the best meal in Chatan every year at the C-1 Gourmet Battle.

About 30,000 people show up to select the best meal in Chatan every year at the C-1 Gourmet Battle.

The C-1 Chatan Gourmet Battle is already an annual tradition that pits about 20 local restaurants from Chatan against each other to compete for the bragging rights as the best in town. More than 30,000 people have usually turned out for the two-day event that this year is on its 6th edition.

This year, the eateries will join with practitioners of Hawaiian hula who take on stage for the ‘Aloha Chatan 2015’ hula event to entertain the public while they sample the meals that the gourmet battle contestants have cooked up. The event site is also expanded to cover the whole area from the baseball field where the gourmet event takes place to Fisherina Wharf next to Chatan Hilton.

In the contests past, the restaurants have offered their original curry dishes, kara-age, burgers, pork soba, taco rice, bowl dishes and ice cream. As before, people visiting the event will judge the dishes. A 1,000-yen ticket buys three sample dishes, and people can then vote for their favorite on the ballot on the ticket. The award ceremony is at 17:30 on Sunday.

After enjoying the gourmet event, visitors can digest their meal with a cold beer or two while watching movies on a centerfield screen lying down on the Chatan baseball field lawn.

An exhibition and sale of local and Hawaiian goodies will also take place.

‘Aloha Chatan 2015’ takes place in an area next to the gourmet event. Professional dancers will perform Hawaiian hula and Tahitian dance at the Sunset Beach, 28 Hawaiian hula groups from on and off the island will entertain people at several places in the open area in front of the Sunset Beach, the Ferris wheel and Fisherina. Lei making workshop and Ukulele rendition experience are also in the program and will be held at the beach. A free 30-minute cruise from the Fisherina is scheduled for three times on both days.

The events take place from 11:00 to 17:30 on both days with food ticket sales starting from 10:00. Admission to the event is free. The C-1 Gourmet Battle venue is the Chatan Baseball Field. The Aloha Chatan hula event is at the Sunset Beach and in the open space in front of the Mihama Ferris wheel.

03:28 15 Jun , 2024