GODAC Open House and Kube Techno Festa 2015

GODAC, Japan’s Global Oceanographic Data Center is one of the most active government organizations on Okinawa when it comes to educating the public on what the institution is all about. To that end GODAC organizes open houses several times a year opening its doors to the public and especially for children.

GODAC mascot is ready to welcome visitors.

GODAC mascot is ready to welcome visitors.

GODAC’s next open house is Saturday, Nov. 21st at its Toyohara Facility near Camp Schwab in Nago. The theme of the open house is ‘Let’s learn about wonders of the ocean and earth.’ For this purpose people at GODAC have prepared various experience-based events, including an undersea robot driving experience, a perennial favorite among children from seven to seventy. A booth with answers to any question regarding the deep sea, and another that shows how to make nautical tables, are ready. A full-size model of a giant squid is also on display.

The crew and staff of a GODAC survey ship is in place to talk about life on board, and the oceanographic research trip they recently returned.

The one-day event starts at 10:00 and runs all day to 17:00 with the last entry 30 minutes earlier. Admission to the event is free.

The GODAC, Global Oceanographic Data Center is located at 224-3, Toyohara, Nago City.

Kube Techno Festa 2015 takes place concurrently in an adjacent facility to GODAC.

The Techno Festa features IT companies, finance related company, an electric power firm, a car company, and a local school that all will have workshop booths in the event.

The Techno Festa opens at 10:00 and closes at 17:00. The event takes place in the Nago City Multimedia Building (adjacent facility of GODAC), and neighboring facilities. Admission to the event is free

00:27 26 Jun , 2024