Cheese Box Photo Booth creates some old-fashioned fun memories

The setup includes various props.

The setup includes various props.

In January 2016 the English Networking Dinner held its monthly business networking party at the Pour House Bar & Grill, an event organized by Mike Holland. As always, there were a variety of participants and business ventures that attended, but in my opinion, one attraction this month that really stood out from the crowd was the Cheese Box Photo Booth.

Upon arrival I saw, standing tall in the main foyer, a huge photo booth with magnificent, white, leather-bound panels, twinkling tufted diamond buttons and ‘Photo Booth’ written vertically down its length. I couldn’t help but notice the owners of the booth sporting cheese-shaped hats and funky ties. By the booth were also an abundance of other whimsical props that drew my curiosity.

Cheese Box Photo Booth can be set up in minutes at almost any location where a party is about to take place.

Cheese Box Photo Booth can be set up in minutes at almost any location where a party is about to take place.

My friend and I decided to approach the booth and were met with the friendly and welcoming owners of Cheese Box, Dave and Hazuki Higgins, who talked us through what the photo booth experienced entailed.

The Cheese Box Photo Booth is a portable photo booth that can be rented out to any person or venue holding an event. The photo booth includes props like huge cheese hats, fake mustaches and fake lips, cheesy ties and so on, to enhance the already amusing and creative photo booth process. These props are provided free for the participants to use, as they are included in the package sold to the event coordinator.

The photo booth instructions are simple enough, even after a few drinks! Inside the booth there is a touch screen panel with 3 icons offering 3 options: black & white photos, color photos, or to create a video message. For our purposes we decided to touch the color photo icon on the screen and a countdown on the screen began. My friend and I quickly maneuvered between an array of props and poses as the camera flashed until our session had finished.

Upon returning the props to David and Hazuki, our photos had already been printed out for us! We were informed that the high-speed photo printer prints the photos within eight seconds. The image was even stamped with the event logo and date.

Print Example 2Even better was the fact that we received two sets so that my friend and I could both take home a copy to remember our fun evening. In these times where everything is stored in digital format on USB or hard drives, I have begun to miss the physicality of a real printed photos, which makes these tangible memories that much more valuable.

The morning after the event, I decided to check out the Cheese Box Photo Booth Facebook page and was able to quickly locate last nights’ event album where, with permission of the event coordinator, all of the images captured in the booth over the duration of the evening were posted.

If you are interested in hosting or organizing an event with a unique and mischievous twist, please contact Dave and Hazuki Higgins at Cheese Box Photo Booth by phone at 050-5534-5965, or Email Their website is at

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