Sauteed island carrots and spinach

Canned ingredients are used frequently in Okinawan cooking, such as canned pork, tuna and mackerel. Oil in canned tuna is used as cooking oil for frying.



  • 1 Shimaninjin (Island carrot)
  • 1 bundle of spinach
  • ½ can of tuna
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of pepper

How to cook

1. Peel and slice the carrot into bite-size pieces.

2. Boil spinach in water with salt. (Salt is not used in ingredients)

3. Fry the carrot pieces and add spinach after carrot becomes soft.

4. Add tuna and the oil from the tuna can, and pepper to taste.

17:53 15 Jun , 2024