Steamed ‘shimaninjin’ bread baked using rice-cooker


This bread is very easy to make with a rice-cooker. I didn’t use sugar so it’s not sweet. You can add sugar if you want sweet bread, or add on honey when you eat. You can also use soymilk instead of milk.

bread IMG_1612


To serve 4

・ 200 g pancake mix

・ 150 ml milk

・ 1 egg

・ 1 shimaninjin (Okinawan carrot)

・ Oil

1. Peel the shimaninjin and grate it. Use blender if you have.

2, Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

3. Oil the inner pot of a rice-cooker and pour on the mix.

4. Turn on the rice cooker, and the timer at .

5. Use a chopstick to punch holes in the bread, and make sure the bread is thoroughly baked.. If not, turn the rice cooker on for another 10~20 minutes.

17:30 15 Jun , 2024