Center uses social media to ask for specific donations

“Please donate a school bag to my son who will start primary school from this April,” was a request from a mother who contacted Okinawa City Personal Support Center.

Subsequently, the center turned to the public with this plea, and in the next five days received seven elementary school back bags donated by individuals from various parts of the island. And not only the bags but also some stationary and other school accessories.

Officials at the center say they now have enough school bags, but they still accept other kinds of donations, like food, sundry goods and stationary to help economically disadvantaged families.

The request for the school bag was from a single mother who lives in Okinawa City, and she explained that as her youngest baby needs milk and diapers she could not afford to buy the school bag to the baby’s older brother. The center posted this issue on its website and facebook page, and people immediately shared the plea with good results.

“We have found that using social media is an excellent way to get small donations that fill specific needs almost immediately,” and official at the center said.

17:45 21 Apr , 2024