GODAC workshops bring deep sea creatures to school kids

The workshops run through Apr. 5th daily except on Mondays.

The workshops run through Apr. 5th daily except on Mondays.

Spring break for school children is just around the corner, and GODAC, the Global Oceanographic Data Center in Toyohara, Nago, is preparing its annual spring workshop for children related to ocean and its deep sea creatures.

GODAC is a Japanese Government facility to collect, digitalize and archive various deep sea images. The staff at the facility has designed workshops featuring sand art, paper crafts, strap making, deep sea creature coloring and jellyfish balloons. The workshops run 10:00 ~ 17:00 every day from March 8th through April 5th except on Mondays and Japanese holidays at the GODAC Center, 224-3 Toyohara, in Nago City. Admission to the workshops is free and no reservation is required in advance.

The spring break activities are designed for children elementary school age and older. Kids are permitted to accomplish one craft per session, with a craft taking about an hour per child. When material stock runs out, a workshop class will be closed.

GODAC holds Open Houses at its facilities several times a year. The center opens their facility to the public in order to promote understanding of the most advanced marine science and technology and of GODAC activities.

According to GODAC web site, “the Global Oceanographic Data Center was established by Nago City to attract information-related companies to the northern districts of Okinawa, and to create employment opportunities and promote multimedia human resources development. GODAC, Nago City, Okinawa, Japan, is managed by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), on commission from its municipal owner of the same name in 2001. GODAC maintains and provides digital archives, various images and other documents about deep-sea. The public facilities are available to foster better understanding of marine science and technology.

04:44 15 Jun , 2024