Muji (taimo stalk) soup



(for 4 people)

・10 muji

・1/2 block shima doufu

・200 g pork

・1liter soup stock

・2 tbs miso


1.   Wash muji and remove the roots. (Use rubber gloves as muji irritates skin.)

2.Cut muji into 5cm long pieces and slice stalks, too.

3.Soak in water about 10 minutes, and boil about 5 minutes.

4.Cut pork and tofu into bite size pieces.

5.Bring soup stock to a boil and add pork and tofu, and dissolve miso.

6.Add muji and the soup is ready to eat.

You can use any pork, sliced or block.

Many grocery shops don’t sell muji, but you can find them at farmers’ markets.

08:25 18 Jun , 2024