Yui Yui Yuirail: Explore shoppers’ heaven around Akamine station

By Jun Ikemura

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Plastic mock-up fish filling the walls and ceiling of Uomaru are a special delight to kids.

The next station from the Naha Airport Station on Yuirail is the Akamine Station, which is the southernmost station of the monorail line, and located at just next to the Japan Self Defense Force Naha Base.

ETWS store is a 5-minute walk from the station.

ETWS store is a 5-minute walk from the station.

And a lot of shops and restaurants are located in the area along the main south – north road on Okinawa, Hwy 331 that is the direct southward extension of Hwy 58. Especially, there are many recycle shops centered in the area.

Manga Souko, a shop open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, is the best-known recycle shop on Okinawa. Their slogan is “We buy anything, we sell anything!” Of course, this is true within the limits of common sense, as some items are trash and belong in a trashcan, and can’t be exchanged nor sold or taken. But if you think your item can be sold at even very, very low price, offer it. Manga Souko is also worth a visit if you’re looking for something rare, such as a rare toy figure. A visit just to browse what is available can also lead to a discovery of your favorite music instrument, clothing, electric appliance and anything else. Manga Souko has two other locations, one in Urasoe and the other in Okinawa City.

Manga Souko has a large selection of used musical instruments.

Manga Souko has a large selection of used musical instruments.

Another recycle shop near Akamine Station is called “2nd Street” and although it’s not as huge as Manga Souko, it’s very clean inside and items it sells are in very good condition. That is a place to find your favorite clothes.

A shop recycling books and magazines called “BOOK OFF” is also located in the same neighborhood. Thy will buy and sell any kind of magazines and book.

Other shops in the area include “Big 1” discount shop, “ETWS” variety store, “Autobacs” car accessory shop, “San-A” supermarket and a variety of restaurants.

Uomaru's sushi lunch.

Uomaru’s sushi lunch.

One restaurant worth a visit near Akamine Station is “Uomaru.” “Uo” in Uomaru is old Japanese meaning “fish”, so one can guess the restaurant is specializing in serving fish dishes. The fish in Uomaru is very fresh and reasonably priced. Uomaru is recently gaining popularity among international customers, and many fresh fish lovers visiting Okinawa from all over the world gather at Uomaru every day! Inside the restaurant, nets crammed with mock fish are hanging from the ceiling and on the walls and are very entertaining for kids. The lunch menu includes a sashimi plate, sashimi rice bowl, and a daily special fish dish that changes by the day.

Restaurant Uomaru is easy to spot.

Restaurant Uomaru is easy to spot.

There is a fish stand just next to the restaurant selling the catch of the day, and that’s where Uomaru gets its daily supply. You too can purchase fresh sashimi for a takeout as you leave the restaurant after a meal. Uomaru is located at 3-5-1 Takara, Naha city, just across the street from San-A supermarket Takara branch. Uomaru is open 11:00 – 15:00 for lunch, 15:00 – 22:00 for dinner every day except closed on Tuesdays.

A map pointing fun spots around each Yuirail station is at https://goo.gl/Tl0aac



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