GODAC summer workshop makes learning about ocean fun

Daily GODAC workshops continue through Aug. 31.

Daily GODAC workshops continue through Aug. 31.

GODAC, the Global Oceanographic Data Center in Toyohara in the eastern part of Nago, is well known for its community outreach programs that include workshops especially aimed at educating children.

The program consists of fun tasks related to the ocean life.

The program consists of fun tasks related to the ocean life.

The center’s annual summer workshop program is about deep-sea creatures, and it’s aimed at whole families. It consists of seven different workshops taking place daily between Jul. 16 and Aug. 31, including July 18 that is the Ocean Day, a Japanese national holiday. All workshops are conducted on open door basis from 10:00 to 17:00 with last entry at 16:30. Participation to the workshops is free.

The theme of each workshop is sea creatures, and they include making a strap, making a paper fan, drawing sand art, making a deep-sea creature as a paper craft, making a bookmark, making a cartesian diver and drawing colors by numbers.

Another three special one-day workshops are conducted on the designated days only. Each workshop is limited 100 items, and GODAC will provide another workshop when all materials are gone.

The special workshops include making original photo frame using coral and shellfish from 10:00~16:30 on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Making a wind-chime, 10:00~16:30 on Wednesday, Aug. 10 and making a kaleidoscope, 10:00~16:30 on Friday, Aug. 12.

No reservation is necessary but one may have to wait for a few minutes if there are many people. The workshops will end if all materials are gone. One person is allowed to take part in only one workshop per day.

For more information, call 0980-50-0111 between 09:30 and 17:30, except on Mondays and Japanese holidays

The Global Oceanographic Data Center is located at 224-3 Toyohara, Nago City.


18:32 17 Apr , 2024