Kimonobana fair puts nice kimonos within everyone’s reach


Kimonobana anniversary sale is this weekend at Ginowan Maririn.

Kimonobana is a well-known shop in Aragusuku, Ginowan, that specializes in selling reasonably priced antique and second-hand kimonos and accessories.

Although kimono is arguable one of the items that come to most people’s minds when they think of Japan, one does not see them used very often. In a matter of fact, modern days Japanese use kimonos only on special occasions, such as weddings and Coming of Age ceremonies.

Accessories are included in the sale.

Accessories are included in the sale.

However, among foreign visitors kimonos are sought-after shopping items. The problem is, bought new kimonos can be prohibitively expensive. The solution is to buy a second hand one.

Kimonobana celebrates its seventh anniversary in business this October, and this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the shop is organizing a kimono fair at Maririn, in Ginowan fishing port ( The event has proven to be very popular among all, who are interested in the Japanese national women’s dress. What makes this fair especially interesting is that it offers a chance to buy a beautiful kimono for as little as ¥1,000. All accessories that are necessary to have with a kimono are also available at bargain prices. They also have kimonos and obis that are in less than perfect condition from ¥1,000 and up a set, which are good for people who use them as material for crafts.


All ‘yukata’ are 30% off at the weekend sale.

Summer kimono’s called ‘yakata’ are all 30% off, and bargains abound. All kimonos at the sale are free to try on. Many of them are order made, so they come in a variety of sizes.

That is good news for those who do not see a kimono as a heirloom to invest a ton of money in. Both antique and second hand casual kimonos and obis are for sale at the fair. Kimonobana owner Sakino Yamashiro will be present to give tips and advice on when and how to wear and coordinate kimono. English speaking staff will be resent at the sale.

The fair is open from 13:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and 10:00 to 16:00 on Sunday. Visit their facebook for more details.


01:48 24 Apr , 2024