Free Wi-Fi spots expand by 3,000

For years, one of the main complaints among visiting foreign tourists to Okinawa has been the lack of Wi-Fi connection spots.

Just in time for the 6th World Uchinanchu Festival last weekend, Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Cellular Co. announced they have expanded the area covered by the free Wi-Fi called “Be.Okinawa Free Wi-Fi”. The expansion of the network was realized by opening the current 3,000 “au Wi-Fi spots” served by Okinawa Cellular Co. available to use also as the “Be.Okinawa Free Wi-Fi” spots. The operation took effect on Oct. 22nd.

Hiroki Kuniyoshi, a division chief at Okinawa Prefecture Office says that a total of about 5,700 of “au Wi-Fi spots” on Okinawa will also become available to use as “Be. Okinawa Free Wi-Fi” spots by the end of December.

User manuals of the “Be.Okinawa” network will be placed at Naha Airport and other locations to make the network more easily and widely available for foreign users.


00:50 22 May , 2024