(for 360ml Bottle)

  • Hot shima peppers
  • 360 ml bottle of awamori
  • Plastic gloves


  1. Wash the hot peppers gently and remove green parts.
  2. Spread the peppers on an even surface to dry for two or three days in a shadow
  3. Pour one third of the awamori in a cup to be added later if needed. Insert the peppers one by one in the remaining awamori in the bottle.
  4. When the bottle is filled with the peppers, fill it with the extra awamori, close the cap tight, and let rest for three months.

Wear plastic gloves when handling the peppers as they may hurt your skin. Use awamori with alcohol content of more than 30% per volume. Any empty bottle with a tight cap can be used.


02:36 28 Feb , 2024