Okinawa Food Flea is right place for cool Sunday picnic

The venue of the previous Food Flea was Tomarin Park in Naha,

The venue of the previous Food Flea was Tomarin Park in Naha,

Over the past couple of years events called Okinawa Food Flea have been organized at various places on the island and, as the word has spread, have grown to become the largest food related events on the island.

The next edition of the Food Flea is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Nov. 13, at Ginowan Marina, where some 50 shops are scheduled to serve their specialties.

New take on salads.

New take on salads.

Scarpetters, a food business that has served pizza and sandwiches from their trademark yellow bus at every Food Flea event since they started, will supposedly make its last appearance in this food flea, because of its operators have decided to settle down from their mobile business and open a restaurant to be called Ardor in Chatan in February 2017.

As has been the case with every past Food Flea, new vendors will be participating this time, too. They are PukaPukaPu-Ka that sells additive-free sausages made of 100% Okinawan pork, Detox Café that specializes in vegetarian foods, Yaad Food that brings in Jamaican fare, Vietnamese Food Marley, and Yanbar that makes charcuterie dishes mainly using pork.

The trick is not to eat too much.

The trick is not to eat too much.

Other delights include various fusion dishes, vegan food and smoothies and, as it is a flea market, craft items are also on sale.

As the event returns to a park at Ginowan Marina, there’s a lawn area at the event site, so it’s a good idea to have a picnic right by the ocean and have the whole family to enjoy a delicious and fun Sunday afternoon.

The event runs from noon to 18:00, and admission to the event is free.

Since there is not enough free parking space, organizers advise visitors to park in the pay parking area adjacent the event site if the free lot is full. The pay parking costs ¥300 for the whole day.

The latest information on the Food Flea is on Facebook (in Japanese).



  • Kim Pennebaker

    Thank you for posting. I’m a foodie and would like to know if any Okinawa Food Fleas will be scheduled for Dec., Jan., Feb.? I’m there if there are any. My annual 3 month vacay in Okinawa is scheduled for this time. Thanks!

20:41 14 Jul , 2024