Coconut crab has strongest claws of all crustaceans

According to a research by Okinawa Churashima Foundation, coconut crabs are able to exert up to 336.5 kg pressure with their claws making them the strongest among all crustaceans. Foundation officials compare the strength to almost equal to the bite of a lion.

The Ministry of Environment has designated Coconut crabs as a category 2 endangered species..

Okinawa Churashima Foundation announced the results of its research in an article in the American scientific magazine “PLUS ONE”. For the reseach, they took measurements from 29 wild coconut crabs weighing between 33g to 2kg in the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park. The strength of their pinch turned ou to be directly proportional to their size. When calculating using the foundation’s formula, a coconut crab weighing 4 kg is supposed to be able to pinch with a force of 336.5 kg.

Shinichiro Oka, one of the main members of the research team talked about the power of coconut crabs and stated, “We hope that this interesting research contributes to saving this endangered species.”


16:54 21 Apr , 2024