Naha issues infectious gastroenteritis warning

The Naha City Health Center issued and official warning of infectious gastroenteritis after receiving reports from seven medical institutions within Naha that the average number of infected patients had risen to 24.86 during the week Dec. 12 to 18.

The center issued the warning after the number exceeded the alarm threshold of 20. Symptoms of the infection include vomiting and diarrhea.

The Health Center warns people to wash hands as a precaution, and advises, “Better to use soap after defecating, before cooking and eating”.

Officials expect the peak of the epidemic to occur from December to January. There are some reports on the infection from nursery and elementary schools in Naha, and two schools have been shut down because of it.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Government, infectious gastroenteritis has been increasing throughout Okinawa. The reported number of patients per a health center was 14.9 in the southern part of the main island, 13.5 on Miyako, and 5.5 in the middle part.


03:28 29 Feb , 2024