Two new vocational colleges to open next spring

Sankou Gakuen, an incorporated educational institution based in Tokyo, is opening two vocational colleges, “Okinawa Kodomo Senmongakkou” and “Okinawa Bridal & Hotel Kankou Senmongakkou” this April. Both will be located in a 9-story building in Tomari, Naha. The schools have a total student capacity of 480, and will be the first colleges by Sankou Gakuen in Okinawa.

Kodomo Senmongakkou has a 3-year General Department to train childcare professionals and a two-year nursery department. The education of the General Department consists of a Child Psychology Course, Child Sports Course and Child Music Course.

The Bridal & Hotel Senmongakkou consists of a Bridal and a Hotel and Tourism Departments, both featuring 2-years courses. The Bridal Department offers a Wedding Planner Course and a Bridal Dress, Hair and Makeup Course”, while the Hotel and Tourism Department offers Hotel Concierge, Tour Guide and Okinawa Sightseeing Service courses. The school aims to teach students practical skills with internships in local hotels and tourism-related companies.

Sankou Gakuen manages about 60 schools and colleges nationwide. The manager of its Okinawa pre-opening office said, “We hope that the Kodomo Senmongakko would help to resolve the shortage problem of child caregivers and nursery schools, and the Bridal & Hotel Senmongakkou would develop human resources for tourism that is one of the main industries in Okinawa.”


11:53 22 Apr , 2024