Ways to avoid influenza when someone close is sick

By taiyo no ekubo magazine

Translated from Japanese to English by Emi Uechi

Winter is here and with it, the flu season has also arrived. Just because one member of your household has a cold or flu, doesn’t mean everyone else has to get sick, too. Below are some steps you can take that would help your family stay healthy when someone in the same household is sick.

A local mother, Gu-chan, a midwife by profession, has a two-year-old daughter, and she was able to stop the germs from infecting her daughter at home taking these steps, when her husband caught the flu last year.

These are not 100% guaranteed ways to stop the flu or cold, but worth trying to keep you healthy and happy through this winter!

The main point is, we don’t want to spread the germs to the whole family, and we don’t want to become sick ourselves, either!



03:03 24 Apr , 2024