111 people involved in marine accidents in 2016

According to the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters statistics, 111 people were involved in marine-activity related accidents in Okinawa in 2016. The number is the highest since they records started in 2001. 30 people were dead or missing, which was the 3rd largest number ever.

Officials at the Coast Guard Headquarters suspect the reason for the high numbers is the increasing number of tourists in addition to weather conditions being unusually good for outdoor activities last year.

According to the survey, 28 of the people had an accident while snorkeling with 11 people dying. 30 people had swimming accidents, in which six of them died.

49 of the people who had accidents were Japanese from outside Okinawa, and 14 were from overseas that is 10 more than the pervious year.

To call for attention and advise people of the dangers on the beaches and shores of the island, the Coast Guard Headquarters has published a leaflet written in several foreign languages.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Government, Okinawa had about 8,610,000 visitors in 2016, the most ever.


01:27 26 Feb , 2024