Average wages in Okinawa increased in 2017

Boukenou, the publisher of a job magazine “Jay Warm,” has completed a data book on average wages in Okinawa Prefecture in 2017.

According to Boukenou, the average hourly wage in the prefecture increased by ¥22 to ¥863 in 2017 from previous year. The average monthly wage also increased to ¥168,538, and increase of ¥6,963. Both the hourly and monthly wages were the highest ever since the magazine started the annual survey of the data in 2011.

A representative of Boukenou said, “The increase may be because the recent increase in the minimum hourly wage in the prefecture that pushed ups the monthly wages, combined with the effects of the improved employment situation because of the corrent good economy.”

In the data book, the highest, average, and the lowest wages in each industry were calculated based on the information from 3,695 companies representing 174 occupations in 17 types of industry, advertised in three job magazines in Okinawa. Wages of regular employees, contract workers, part-time workers, and temporary workers are also listed in the book, as well as divided by region.

Monthly wages in 13 industries out of 16 (excluding “others”) increased. Wages in the transportation industry increased the most, by ¥24,782 per month to ¥163,514. People working in the tourism industry saw the second highest increases as their average pay increased by ¥21,389 to ¥166,715. The welfare industry was the third with an increase of ¥19,989 to an average of ¥164,249 per month.

The highest monthly average wages are paid in the medical industry where workers make ¥198,384 per month on average. The construction industry comes second with ¥180,568, while people in restaurant services are paid ¥178,475 per month on average.

The highest average hourly pay is also in the medical industry at ¥970, followed by call centers that pay ¥964 and education with ¥943 per hour.

06:24 17 Apr , 2024