Bicycle shop MAIYO has answers when road calls

Everyone is invited to have fun at MAIYO weekend cycling events.

Bicycling is a wonderful physical activity done solo, in a group or with family. Cycling is fun, a great source of cardiovascular exercise, relatively inexpensive, and can be enjoyed year round with Okinawa’s subtropical climate and cool ocean breezes.

If you don’t currently own a bike, or have one in need or repair, finding a knowledgeable, well stocked bike shop is a good place to begin your biking adventures on Okinawa. Fortunately, Okinawa has just the spot–MAIYO Bicycle Shop located on Highway 58 in Isa, Ginowan. MAIYO is a one stop shop for everything from complete bikes and replacement parts to helmets, clothing and other must have accessories.

Owner, Hideyuki Maedo, opened MAIYO in June 2015. His passion for fixing both cars and bikes runs deep and his knowledge and experience are second to none. Whether you’re new to riding and want to find a bike that’s the perfect fit, or a seasoned vet in need repairs and new gear, MAIYO is well-prepared to assist customers whatever their cycling needs. MAIYO can also assist in building a unique, custom designed bike completely from scratch.

“Bicycles need routine maintenance at least every six months and always before races,” says Maedo. The next big cycling event on Okinawa will take place at Camp Kinser on March 5th. The application deadline to participate in this event is February 27th. Mr. Maedo welcomes riders from all over the island to ensure their bikes have a proper tune-up and in perfect working condition before race day.

MAIYO also offers packing services for those wishing to travel outside of Okinawa with their bikes. The shop will disassemble your bike, pack for it travel, and even reassemble it upon your return.

Indeed, Mr. Maedo recalls a recent customer who had arrived on Okinawa from America just a few days prior to visiting the shop. This particular customer needed his bike reassembled. The same day another customer arrived needing to have two bikes repaired, both damaged in transit. The shop managed to repair all three bikes and sent both customers home happy and ready to ride.

Staff from MAIYO also join their customers on weekend rides. The shop maintains a Facebook page with detailed information on weekend trips. Mr. Maedo and his staff at MAIYO are not only dedicated to providing top-notch quality and services, but also to bridging cultures and a building a sense of community through cycling the beautiful island of Okinawa.

A happy customer after having his bike assembled by MAIYO staff.

You can find MAIYO Bicycle Shop Okinawa on Facebook or visit their webpage at

MAIYO is open daily from 14:00 to 22:00. In addition to cycling related products, the shop also sells drinks, snacks and ice cream. Payment is accepted in yen, dollars, and major credit cards.







11:45 02 Mar , 2024