Experience a Unique Dining at Shabu Shabu Urasaki

Fresh vegetables are buried under a pile of savory meat.

Shabu shabu is more than just a meal, it’s a social experience best enjoyed with family and friends. It’s an extremely popular Japanese dish made by dipping thinly sliced beef and pork, tofu and assorted vegetables in a hot broth prepared in a hot pot called nabemono, or nabe for short.

The term shabu shabu is actually a Japanese onomatopoeia that translates as “swish swish,” the sound made as you dip and “swish” the ingredients in the broth. The thin slices of meat cook within seconds, creating an easy, healthy, delicious and fun culinary experience.
There are a number of shabu shabu restaurants throughout Okinawa and Shabu-Shabu Dining Urasaki is one of newest. Urasaki opened it doors just a few weeks ago on February 1st. Aiming to serve up shabu-shabu in a totally new style, Urasaki provides a one of a kind dining experience.

Urasaki’s unique entrance.

Fresh meat and vegetables are delivered to the table surrounding the nabe pot, which sits at the middle of the table. When the food was brought to the table, I immediately began to take pictures and video because it was all so new and unique. The way in which the food was presented was beautiful and enticing. Certainly the pictures and video posted on social media will get man “likes” and positive comments. No doubt yours will too!

Urasaki’s menu starts from ¥1,880 for the set menu and ¥2,800 for 120 minutes all you can eat. Both menus include appetizers, rice, soft drink and dessert. Shime—loosely translated as “finishing dish”—is also provided during the last course. We choose Okinawa soba for our shime, but kimuchi (the Japanese version of Korean kimchi soup) is also offered.

Open for dinner daily (Closed on Tuesdays)

Owner Go Urasaki says, “We would like you to enjoy not only our food but also how our food is presented. Please come with your friends or family. We also have a room to service families with young children.”

All ingredients are made locally in Okinawa and are guaranteed to make your feel full and satisfied!

Shabu-shabu Dining Urasaki is located on Route 330 in Uruma, next to yellow building Mac House clothing store. Parking is available in front of the restaurant.
Address 479-1 Kyan, Ueuma city.

Business hours from 17:30 – 00:00; last order is 23:00. Closed every Tuesday.
Major credit cards, dollars, and yen are accepted.

10:46 23 Jun , 2024