False alarm reports downing of aircraft off Miyagi Beach

An emergency call reportedly from the U.S, military Sunday morning reported a “flying object” that had supposedly fallen off Miyagi Beach in Chatan.

Police, Japan Coast Guard, and a local fire station rescue crew searched the site, however, nothing was found.

According to Okinawa Police, judging from eyewitness information, there could be a possibility that a drone or a radio controlled model aircraft had fallen into the sea. The walking path along the seawall by the beach was filled with pedestrians watching the search party, and some people speculated that there may have had a mishap involving an Osprey aircraft that have been involved in mishaps earlier this year.

According to police, they had received an emergency call from someone identifying himself as a military policeman, who said, “A Cessna has fallen down.” Some witnesses on the beach told police that it was a paraglider, or “some kind of aerial vehicle with a man riding in it.”

Naha Coast Guard investigated the site with patrol boats and a helicopter, and the Chatan Fire Department sent in their rescue team to investigate the area using personal watercraft. Staff from the Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters and personnel from Okinawa Defense Bureau in Naha also headed to the site. After three hours and finding nothing, all withdrew.

11:37 15 Apr , 2024