Makishi Public Market website goes multilingual

Tomomitsu Aguni, the head of Naha City Makishi Public Market Merchants Union, and Hiroshi Shimada, the CEO of Tida Square, a company that manages “Tida Blog” website, announced Friday that a new multi-lingual website of Makishi Public Market has gone on line, as well as a new e-commerce website that sells Okinawan food gifts.

Ib addition to Japanese, the website is accessible in English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), and Korean, combining information on 120 member stores of the market. In the near future, the plan is to strengthen the website by generating more detailed information on the mall and its shops, products, and other related matters by incorporating SNS features, such as Instagram that is popular among young people.

Makishi Public Market, founded in 1950, has supplied perishables and processed food to local residents, and now sees an increasing number of foreign tourists visit, and the demand of goods has been changing accordingly.

According to Aguni, “We would like to provide information about the present market, both to tourists and local residents, including the latest information about the renovation peoject of the market. We also would like to expand our website to include all popular areas such as Kokusai Street and Tsuboya Pottery Street.”

Tida Square that has a partnership agreement with the union made the website. The aim is to hold lectures to familiarize mall managers with the website. Helios Farm manages the e-commerce website, selling meat packages for shabu shabu or dumplings made of Okinawan Pork.

17:42 17 Apr , 2024