Nago Municipal Stadium to be demolished next month

Th Nago Municipal Stadium, famous for hosting the Nippon Ham Fighters pro baseball team during their spring training camp for a long time, will be demolished after this year spring camp is over at the end of February.

The Nippon Ham Fighters were the pioneering team to come to Okinawa for their early spring training camp. The stadium was built about thirty years ago, and has to be re-built because of its deterioration.

The Nippon Ham Fighters Spring Training Camp Organizing Committee will hold “Thank You Nago Municipal Stadium Ceremony” on Feb. 25. The ceremony will start right after the camp closing game is finished around 4 p.m. Nippon Ham players will take part in the ceremony, and the audience will be given balls with the team members’ autographs on them. In addition, Nago Mayor and local schools’ baseball team representatives will bring their greetings to the event.

A free event called “Good-bye Nago Stadium” is scheduled to take place from Mar. 4th through 12th at the stadium. Susumu Inamine, the mayor of Nago City, called for public to participate at a press meeting on Feb. 9th. Inamine said, “We are going to hold this event to express our sincere gratitude to people who have used the stadium. During this period from Mar. 4 to 12th the stadium will be free to use day and night.”

Isao Gushiken from Nippon Ham Fighters Nago Association Office said, “The stadium is like a holy place among Okinawa training camps. We hope that constructing a new stadium would help Nippon Ham to become a stronger team.”

The demolition will start in March. The construction of the new stadium is scheduled to be completed by the end of Dec. 2019, and the Nippon Ham Fighters are scheduled to use it for ther spring training camp in February 2020.


00:33 21 May , 2024