New Naha Makishi Public Market to open in 2022

A plan to re-develop the Makishi Public Market in the Heiwa Dori area of Naha City has been in the works for years, and the city finally published a schedule for the redevelopment Wednesday.

According to the plan, the new three-story market building will be built on the present location with the aim to open the business in 2022. In the meantime, a temporary market will be built at “Nigiwai Hiroba” in Matsuo in 2018. The merchants are scheduled to move to the temporary facility in 2019 when the present market building will be demolished.

The present market is operated municipally, however, the new one will be operated by a private agency. Tenant placement and rental rates will be decided later.

Naha City held a briefing session to representatives of tenants and local residents in Naha City Office, and about 80 people were participated.

The new building will be the same size as the current one of 1,660 square meters. The building is estimated to cost about ¥2.68 billion.

Tenants selling meat, fish, and perishables will be on the 1st and restaurants on the 2nd floor where customers can bring ingredients bought on the 1st floor for cooking. The system is the same as now and will be continued at the new market.

The rest rooms will be on the 1st floor, a 100-quare-meter event site on the 2nd floor, and a multi-purpose space for meetings, cooking schools and other event will be built on the 3rd floor. The final redevelopment plan will be made public in March.

06:01 01 Mar , 2024