Okinawa Comprehensive Park gets brick pizza oven

Visitors to Okinawa Comprehensive Park camping site can now try their hand in baking their own pizzas.

A sampling party was held at the camping site in Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park, Feb. 5th, for the completion of the new brick oven, where park staff baked pizzas, as well as roasted chicken in the park’s Dutch oven that has been there before. Many of participants including families enjoyed the outdoor cooking event.

The temperature inside the oven rises up to 300 to 400 degrees that makes it possible to bake pizzas, apple pies, gratins, and baked potatoes.

A representative of the park said, “We would like our visitors to enjoy the new brick oven as a new attraction. It is easy to use, and we hope that many people would enjoy it.”

The oven can be rented. For details, call Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park at 098-932-5114.


20:26 16 Apr , 2024