Samsung showcases Galaxy Caravan at Naha Main Place

Samsung Electronics Japan, famous for its Galaxy brand mobile products, is holding the “Samsung Galaxy Caravan in Okinawa” event 10:00 – 20:00 every day through the 19th this month in a special space set up at Naha Main Place.

Samsung positions Okinawa as an “important market,” and is starting the “caravan” from Okinawa continuing to hold the same event throughout Japan.

At the event, the “VR Roller Coaster ” showcases 360-degree virtual reality technology, with which visitors can experience the sense of reality while sitting on movable chairs.

A representative of Samsung Japan said, “We would like as many people as possible to come and have the experience of our mobile products to feel how great the modern technology truly is.”


06:01 17 Apr , 2024