U.S. Marine arrested for DUI

Tomigusuku Police arrested 20-year old LCpl Melvin Leonard Nunes Sunday on suspicion of driving under influence. According to police, Nunes has admitted to the charge saying, “I sure drove my car after drinking.”

Nunes is suspected of driving a car under influence of alcohol in Naha City about 3 a. m. Sunday when he was stopped at a police checkpoint. A subsequent breathalyzer showed more than three times of the legal limit of alcohol in his breath. When questioned, he told police that he had drank a few ‘chu-hai’ before driving.

According to Tomigusuku Police, Nunes first claimed he was a construction worker, however, after the police inquired about his personal information from the U.S. base authorities based on the name in his U.S. military issued driver’s license, he was confirmed to be a marine. Conforted with the fact, Nunes reportedly said, “I told a lie not to make Marine Corps upset.”

He is also in violation against the U.S. Marines’ Liberty Policy that prohibits drinking out town between 1 and 5 a.m.


01:07 26 Feb , 2024