Wheat noodles from Ie Island are Ryukyu Robata Speciality

The daily lunch is built around a hefty portion of Ie Island wheat noodles.

Kami Sushi Bar in American Village is ranks as one of the most popular sushi restaurants on Okinawa. Now, Kami’s head chef and owner, Isamu Kamiya, has expanded his brand to offer a completely new culinary experience on Okinawa. Kamiya’s new izakaya-style restaurant, Ryukyu Robata, serves up a fusion-inspired menu full of unique, delicious dishes. Of course, there are also a number of local Okinawan dishes along with beer and other alcoholic beverages.

The lunch includes three pieces of different kind of rolls to choose from.

Ryukyu Robata’s manager says, “We opened on December 16th, soon after our recent renovation. Our motto this year is, ‘Try Something New.’ With that in mind, we aim to begin serving during a lunch menu in the near future.” The lunch costs ¥1,100 and includes Ie Island noodles, squid tempura, and sushi (California, Rainbow, and Dragon roll, 3 pieces each).

Ryukyu Robata staff welcomes customers.

Why noodles from Ie Island? Ryukyu Robata’s manager has a friend from nearby Ie Island who plans to bring wheat products from his island to showcase on Okinawa in the hopes of bolstering awareness of the high-quality, locally grown wheat. The manager wishes to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be the first restaurant on Okinawa to serve noodles produced on nearby Ie island.

Also, as Ie’s noodles are made from 100% whole-grain flour, they are highly nutritious and contain vitamins and minerals lacking in Okinawa soba, ramen and other types of noodles. Ie noodles are a bit darker in appearance than those made from buckwheat and are best cooked al dente and dipped in tsu yu sauce to enhance the flavor.

The restaurant has free parking available in front.

Ryukyu Robata is located in Mihama along the street running parallel to the west of Highway 58. A coin-operated laundry and Lucky Exchange are in the same building adjacent to Ryukyu Robata. There are, however, a limited number of parking in front of the restaurant. (3-2-2 Mihama, Chatan cho, Okinawa; https://goo.gl/maps/9yCyq2zjeUw)

Open for lunch from 11:00-14:00 and for dinner from 17:30-midnight. Last order is 23:30. The restaurant is closed every Tuesday. Payment in yen and major credit cards only.


08:00 17 Apr , 2024