Did you know? You can enjoy a variety marine activities on Okinawa!

Umibiraki, a popular beach opening ceremony, usually takes place in late March in Okinawa, which is the earliest in Japan. Because the beach season arrives early in Okinawa, there is much time for enjoying the many beach activities available.

Here we will introduce several marine activities in Okinawa.


1. Diving

This is the most popular marine activity in Okinawa for many people. You need not be worried about whether or not you can swim, diving can be enjoyed regardless of skill level. With a great deal of luck, you could encounter sea turtle or whale shark!



2. Snorkeling

Because snorkeling can be enjoyed without a lot of burdensome and expensive equipment, it is easier and more convenient than diving. While snorkeling, on can enjoy a beautiful ocean view both above and below the water’s surface.



3. Marine walking/Sea trekking/Water bird

Wearing a special underwater helmet allows you to walk underwater breathing as naturally as you would above the surface. Sea trekking is an easy, fun and relaxing way to experience sea life in Okinawa.



4. Glass boat ride

With a glass boat ride, you don’t need to get into the water at all! Riding in a glass bottom boat at Manza Beach Resort allows you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing boat ride with family and friends while taking in underwater sea life at the same time.



5. Parasailing

Parasailing is perfect for taking in a sky-high panoramic view of luscious green Okinawa and the surrounding emerald ocean. Once you try it, you’ll immediately understand why it’s such a popular Okinawa activity!



6. Sea kayak/Canoe

Try exploring Okinawa’s calm seas via kayak! Kayaking through mangrove forests is the best attraction for sea kayaking in Okinawa.




7. Stand up paddle boarding

Standing on a paddle board and calmly rowing across calm seas as smooth as glass is peaceful, healthy and easy way to feel connected to Okinawa’s seafaring culture.



8. Wakeboard

Gliding over sea’s surface on a wakeboard is similar surfing except that the board is pulled by a boat. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it, but even a beginner will be up and jumping waves in no time.



9. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is easily one of the most popular and recognizable water sports anywhere in the world. In Japan, however, a license is needed for operating a jet ski. Luckily, Manza Beach has well-trained and experiences jet ski operators ready to provide you with an unforgettable high-speed experience.

Even though we have introduced 9 of the most popular marine activities in Okinawa, a comprehensive list is impossible. Hopefully we have provided enough information to entice you to embark on a new Okinawa adventure. After all, we live in Okinawa surrounded on all sides by beautiful, calm subtropical seas!

18:10 17 Apr , 2024