Discover a celestial view of Okinawa’s sea and sky at Ocean Expo Park

Take in a spectacular view of the night sky with 140 million stars spread across the dome screen while reclining comfortably. Screening sessions are 30 minutes each.

Oceanic Culture Museum Planetarium at Ocean Expo Park provides fun and educational audio visual programs for the whole family against a backdrop of twinkling stars and celestial bodies. Programs tell tales relating to the skies the heavens and the roles they’ve played in cultures across Asia and South Pacific. Multilingual headsets provide audio translations in English, Chinese and Korean for three programs, “Okinawa Beautiful Stars,” The Great Voyage of Roy & Friends,” and “A Starry Tales.” Of course, the whole family should spend the rest of the day at this expansive park enjoying its many other attractions. See captive whale sharks at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, visit a Native Okinawan village, view over 2,000 orchids at the Tropical Dream Center and more. Please check out the Ocean Expo Park’s website for special and ongoing events throughout the year.

Schedule trough May 12­­:

“Okinawa Beautiful Stars,”: Weekdays: 9:00-9:30 / 10:30-11:00 / 12:00-12:30 /15:00-15:30 / 16:30-17:00 / 18:00-18:30, Sat, Sun, Japanese holidays and Mar22〜Apr6: 9:45-10:15 /12:00-12:30 / 15:00-15:30 / 16:30-17:00 / 18:00-18:30, The Great Voyage of Roy & Friends,” : Weekdays:9:45-10:15 / 12:45 -13:15 , Sat, Sun, Japanese holidays and Mar22〜Apr6:10:30 -11:00 / 13:30 -14:00, “A Starry Tale.” Weekdays: 13:30-14:00 /15:45-16:15 / 17:15-17:45, Sat, Sun, Japanese holidays and Mar22〜Apr6:12:45 -13:15 / 14:15 -14:45 / 15:45-16:15 /17:15-17:45

02:55 27 Feb , 2024