Naha official arrested for taking improper photos

Naha Police arrested Apr. 19th a senior manager of Naha City Office Municipal Tax Division on suspicion of violating an Okinawa Prefectural Anti-nuisance Ordinance.

According to police, 55-year-old Yuji Miyagi was arrested after he allegedly took photos of a 30-years old female office worker’s breast with his smart phone while traveling in the monorail.

Miyagi reportedly denies a part of the charge, saying “Although it is true that I took a pictures while in the train, I did not intend to do anything obscene.”

Miyagi took the pictures when the train was nearing Shuri Station about 10 p.m. on Apr. 19. The woman noticed him taking the photos and asked other passengers for help. She also called police. When the train came to the station, a police patrol was waiting and arrested him.

Naha City Mayor Mikiko Shiroma apologized, “We are very sorry to hear this. We will tighten the discipline among our civil servants, and educate them about our ordinances.”

Regarding Miyagi, the mayor said that, “We will decide on a proper action to take after we have full details on what took place.”


03:04 28 Feb , 2024