New Doritos made for Okinawa and Taiwan go on sale

Okinawa FamilyMart starts selling today Doritos tortilla chips with new flavors developed in collaboration with Taiwan FamilyMart.

The new limited-quantity chips come in two flavors, “wasabi-soy sauce” and “takoyaki (octopus dumplings) sauce.” They are sold only in Okinawa and Taiwan. Prompted by a request from Taiwan FamilyMart, the developers tried to create a flavor of Japan that is different from the original Mexican flavors.

The new flavors have already been sold in Taiwan. The writing on the package is in Japanese instead of the usual English that also was a request from Taiwan.

FritoLay Japan and FritoLay Taiwan collaborated in developing the new products, which are made in a factory in Taiwan, and exported directly to Okinawa that shortens the delivery time from 20 days to 10.

The product is expected to become a hit that sells in large quantities, as there are 3,081 FamilyMart stores in Taiwan. In Okinawa, it’s expected to sell well to Japanese tourists visiting the island who can’t buy them in mainland, and also become popular among local residents. Okinawa FamilyMart sees a promising future in cooperation with FamilyMart Taiwan. “We would like to continue to develop new products together with our Taiwanese counterpart,” an Okinawa FamilyMart spokesman said.

The new Doritos sell for ¥213 per bag (including tax).


14:16 29 Nov , 2023