Peace Memorial Park flies 32-meter long streamer

The Okinawa Peace Memorial Park is hoisting a huge carp streamer highlight its Koinobori Matsuri from May 3rd to 7th. The streamer is 32 meters long 11 meters in diameter.

69-year-old Heizaburo Yamauchi, the chairman of Okinawa Limestone Cave Association, hand made the streamer for the Memorial Park event. He made his first giant streamer last year, starting from the scratch, using vinyl from construction sites and thin ropes as primary materials. The result was a carp streamer that was 30 meters long hung from a crane to display it to the public.

This year Yamauchi and his volunteer crew repaired the tail and added two meters more to the total length.

Yamauchi, who has made large-size carp streamers since 2006, said, “I would like to tell people you can have a playful mind when have a peaceful time.”

12:37 13 Jun , 2024