Say it with lasting flowers for Mother’s Day

The catch is in capturing the flower’s beauty not just for a short while, but for near eternity. That’s special, and on Okinawa, the answer to both ‘what’ and ‘how’ is Hanamaru. Hanamaru is a flower shop that deals not only with the freshest flowers and bouquets on the island, but also in a unique process of creating ‘no dry flowers’, also called preserved flowers. Hanamaru, located in the Tabaru district of Naha City near Naha Airport, can transform a favorite flower into a ‘forever flower’.

Whether it’s to capture the memories of a marriage proposition, or of a wedding, Mother’s Day, Hanamaru has the answers. The process begins with the most beautiful fresh flowers,
The owner of Hanamaru, Yuki Hikami, says flowers keep memories and they are reminders of fresh feelings. Hikami explains that “our specialty is serving gifts, preserved flowers like a Diamond rose which is preserved rose flower and sprinkled with actual diamond powder on it so it is twinkling almost forever.” The Hanamaru owner also is serving preserved wedding bouquets, so “A bride can have this bouquet in her hand at her own wedding ceremony, and keep it almost forever. You can keep this good memory and keep remembering with this bouquet.”

Hanamaru makes original bouquets, and helps clients make their own ‘only-one-of-a-kind bouquets. Hanamaru also has hibiscus or plumeria preserved flowers available in summer time. Says Hikami, “I believe flowers are always needed by human life for relaxing or healing. I hope our flower make you smile!”

Hanamaru located at 3-11-6 Tabaru, Naha. Open: 10:00~19:00 Tel: 098-851-8715

06:19 17 Apr , 2024