Oki Ham develops pre-packaged Okinawa soups

Oki Ham Co, Ltd. announced it starts selling from Tuesday four different traditional Ryukyu soups the company has named “Uchina Range” series.

The soup packages contain a 230g meal each. A spokesman for the company says they developed the meals for customers to easily enjoy Ryukyu cuisine. All four soups are ready to microwave and serve.

The soups are “Nakami-jiru” (pork intestine soup), “Nankotsu Soki-jiru” (pork belly soup), “Inamuduchi” (sweet white miso soup with various ingredients), and “Chimushinji” (pork liver soup). “Chimushinji” is commercialized for the first time.

Oki Ham is known for developing and selling a variety of pre-packaged foods. However, the new Okinawa soups are packaged in smaller portions that are ideal for persons like the elderly who live by themselves, or singles.

05:00 15 Jun , 2024