Teru Teru Bouzu beckons good weather

In Japan, kids often string little white dolls called Teru Teru Bouzu (shine, shine monk) in a window as a charm hoping fine weather for the next day, usually before a picnic, sports festival or any kind of special outdoor event.

It’s a traditional Japanese charm that were first made by farmers who hoped for a good weather for a harvest and prevent a rainy day. They’re very easy to make; just fold a piece of white paper or cloth into two, twist the fold end into ball shape to make the head, and tie it with a rubber band. Then draw a face, and hang it while singing one of the many children’s songs dedicated to Teru Teru Bouzu.

Most kids make the Teru Teru Bouzu using white tissue paper. It’s a very easy charm to make, but notice! If you hang it upside down, its effect also goes upside down and it invites rain.

01:02 21 May , 2024