Tohoku Food and Product Fair at Ryubo department store

A fair featuring food and products from the Tohoku region of Japan is running through June 26th on the 6th floor of Ryubo department store in Palette Kumoji, Naha.

The fair features gourmet and artisanal products of six prefectures in Tohoku that forms the northern parts of Japan’s Main Island Honshu. The specialty of the fair is gourmet products from Miyagi Prefecture, including “Kaisendon”, a rice bowl topped with seafood, beef tongue, salty noodles with green onions. Many famous sweets like Zunda ice cream (flavored with mashed boiled green soybeans) and “Haginotsuki” sponge cake are also among featured products.

Other products from Tohoku, like denim trousers and silk crepe are on sale on the first floor at a special stage.

01:29 28 May , 2024