Colorful subtropical fish beckon to gourmets at Tomari Iyumachi fish market

Tomari Iyumachi fish market is one of the most famous and popular fish markets on Okinawa. It’s located just beside the Tomari fishing port and the market serves the freshest ocean produce caught and landed on the same day.

Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market sells fresh Okinawan seafood at reasonable prices from early morning every day.

Tomari is a district of Naha City, “iyu” means “fish” and “machi” is “market” in Okinawan dialect. Tomari Iyumachi opened in May 2005, and has 24 wholesalers operating within the facility, some of them shipping produce to mainland Japan. The average volume of catch landing to Tomari fishing port is 20 tons a day, but sometimes it reaches up to 50 tons. 70% of landings are tuna, but there are fish of all colors and sizes available every day.

There is a fish filleting booth in the facility, where anyone can watch big fish being filleted if lucky enough that one has been caught that day. Currently, because the fish market is near the Wakasa Cruise Ship Terminal, many foreign tourists flock to the market, and visiting there late afternoon, there might be no fish left. It’s seriously recommended to visit the market in the morning to purchase fresh Okinawan fish, and the earlier the better.

Tomari Iyumachi is located at 1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha city. Tel: 098-868-1096. You can see pictures and schedule of special events at the market on their official website

03:02 15 Jun , 2024