“Kemono Friends” Okinawa characters are hit among tourists

“Kemono Frieds” is a popular children’s TV animation series that has sprouted a line of items related to the story.

The animation is not very well known in Okinawa, as it’s not broadcast on local TV stations, but nevertheless, a limited selection of the items went for sale here in July, and sold out on the first day at some stores. Targeted customers for the items are tourists.

The limited selection items that are sold only in Okinawa include stuffed habu snake, yambarukuina and shisa, nine different characters in total, which are in the form of badges and key chains.

“Kemono Friends” is a story depicting animals that change into girls because of a magical substance called “Sandstar.” The girls are known as “Friends.” The animals live in a huge zoo called “Japan Park” and the plot involves a zookeeper who looks after the “Friends” and a girl named “Kaban” who somehow wakes up in the zoo, and then wanders around meeting various “Friends.”

The anime is broadcast on 10 terrestrial TV networks in Japan, including Television Tokyo. The program is especially popular among young girls for its cute characters and original worldview.

17:53 21 Apr , 2024