OkiPark Vol.11 Umisora Park

Umisora Park is located on the shorefront of the Tsuji district in Naha City, near the north entrance of Umisora Tunnel, an undersea tunnel and short cut connecting Tsuji and Naha Airport. Many beach events are held in the park throughout the year. You can swim at nearby Naminoue Beach.

Another part of the park has an area for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are two official mail boxes installed underwater off the shore called “Umi no Post,” meaning the “post box in the ocean.” Visitors can purchase special waterproof post cards at a nearby kiosk and, while diving, insert them into the boxes for mailing.

The beach has a BBQ facility called “Resort Magic” where everything is ready for a BBQ party, including all ingredients and utensils. All one needs to do is just to show up. A reservation 5 days in advance is required.

Open: 9:00 Close: 19:00

3-3-1 Tsuji, Naha city


14:40 29 May , 2024