Orion introduces canned pineapple cocktail for limited sale

Orion Breweries, Ltd. started selling “Orion Tropical Collection Pineapple Beer Cocktail,” made using Okinawa-grown pineapples, in Okinawa and Amami areas on Tuesday. The company introduced the new drink at a press conference on Monday at JA Kaikan in Naha.

This new product is a sweet pineapple flavored canned cocktail with 5.5% alcohol content. The product sales is limited to 288,000 cans. The suggested retail price is ¥164 per can.

Orion co-developed the product with its parent company Asahi Beer Co., while JA Okinawa provides the pineapples. It will go on sale in other areas on Aug. 8.

Orion CEO Kiyoshi Yonamine said, “We aim to develop our brand of beer cocktails to increase our product lineup. As consumer preferences diversify, we would like to offer different tasting beers.”

Tsutomu Ohshiro, the chief director of JA Okinawa, said, “We expect this product to improve consumers’ awareness of Okinawa-grown pineapples and increase their popularity.”

09:09 18 Jun , 2024