“Yasai Seikatsu 100 Okinawa Pine Mix” juice to go on sale

Kagome Co. Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of tomato-based foods, and fruit and vegetable juices, will add “Okinawa Pine Mix” juice to its “Yasai Seikatsu 100” lineup of juices (195ml) for a limited-time from July 18th. The juice will be sold at stores throughout Japan in 195 ml containers.

Kagome use fully ripened pineapples from Okinawa provided by JA Okinawa, mixed with 21 kinds of vegetables and 4 kinds of other fruits for the drink.

This is one of Kagome series of “locally produced and nationally consumed” products, and this is the first one that uses pineapple as the main ingredient.

Higashi and Kunigami Villages have had poor harvests of pineapples since 2011 because of salt damage. However, the crop has recovered to up to 2,000 tons last year,

The sale price of the juice will be about ¥140 yen that is more than the regular “Yasai Seikatsu 100” series juices. Shigeru Moriyama, the head of Kagome Okinawa Sales Branch, says, “We can grow pineapples only in Okinawa in Japan, and we would like to enhance their brand value.”


12:13 13 Jun , 2024