Agu no Kakurega has special deal for big eaters!

“Shabu Shabu” is a way if cooking and eating meat Japanese style. Diners just immerse thin slices of meat of flank steak, loin beef or pork flank into water boiling on the table in front of them and then dipping the meat in a thin sauce while eating. The meat must be very fresh and, as diners do the cooking by themselves, they can enjoy their meal cooked just to the degree they want. As oily parts of the meat will be melted off by the boiling water, Shabu Shabu is a very healthy way to eat. It’s also very famous and popular dish in Japan.

Agu no Kakurega, a restaurant specializing in Japanese beef and Okinawan pork located in the American Village area of Chatan Town, serves Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku and meals made in bamboo steamers. Especially their Shabu Shabu meals are very popular and famous, and there are many fans of the restaurant from foreign countries, too.

The OkinaWanderer Special is made for big eaters!

Because customers cook their own meals, everyone shitting at the same table must first agree what kind of meal they are going to have. In other words, it’s not possible for one to have Shabu Shabu, and another person on the same table to choose Yakiniku, because each way of cooking requires different cookware on the table.

But no matter which way you choose, you won’t be disappointed at Agu no Kakurega. As the restaurant name implies, the specialty of the house is Aguu, Okinawan brand name pork, which is famously tender and delicious. It suits very well for Shabu Shabu that we introduce this time.

“There is no exactly correct way to cook Shabu Shabu,” says Kashiwabuchi, the owner of the restaurant, “but if you have no idea how to cook, here’s one way to follow. Boil the vegetables first, because they take more time to heat through than meats, and while preparing the meats, the vegetables are getting tender.”

Immerse the meat in boiling water
and the oily parts will melt away.

The dipping sauces for Shabu Shabu the restaurant serves are “Ponzu” that has a light flavor, and “Goma” which is sesame-based and has a rich flavor. Both taste very good by themselves, but some people add welsh onion and “Momiji-oroshi,” grated radish and chili, to add accent to the dipping sauce. While boiling ingredients, foam appears on the surface that must be skimmed off from time to time by a scoop.
Customers can choose a set, or order each dish separately. Seafood for Shabu Shabu is available to order one by one.

And here is the OkinaWanderer special!! Agu no Kakurega owner Kashiwabuchi says, “I know the Aguu brand pork or Japanese brand beef are kind of expensive. I have noticed some people to give up entering the restaurant after checking the menu out in front of the restaurant, or share a dish. That’s how I got an idea to make a special menu especially for big eaters.

The meats in the special menu are not Aguu or Japanese brand-name beef, but is definitely good tasting and very safe and good quality. We created a meal that costs only ¥3,000 that includes a full one pound of beef and pork and the vegetables, rice and a 30oz soft drink! Also, meals for ¥2,500 with 3/4 pound and ¥2,000 with ½ pound of beef and pork are available. Of course, one can order an additional plate with this menu, so why not order a small piece of genuine Aguu or Japanese brand beef to taste with the special menu.

Aguu no Kakurega is located at 2-2-2 Mihama, Chatan, just across from the main gate of Camp Lester. Open 17:00~23:00 every day, last order is 22:00. For reservations, call 098-926-1121.

22:57 23 Jul , 2024