Elderly jaywalkers on road 330 becoming problem

People jaywalking on National Road 330 in Okinawa City, and not using the marked crosswalks has become a big problem, and it occurs increasingly.

Okinawa Police Traffic Control Division has declared the road between Koza and Agena Intersections an area where “accidents occur frequently!” Four traffic accidents happened within the stretch between July 2016 and June 2017, and one of them was fatal.

The South National Highway Office that manages national roads has set up seven traffic signs, stating, “No Crossing” on the road between Goya and North Goya intersections.

According to Okinawa Police Traffic Control Division, there are many cases of elderly people crossing the road alone during the night. Drivers are urged to pay special attention, and switch their lights to high-beam during the nights when possible.


14:33 14 Jul , 2024