JASDF Staff Sergeant arrested for theft

Naha Police arrested a 32-year-old staff sergeant of the Japanese Self Defence Air Force from Yozadake Sub Base, Saturday, on suspicion of stealing a handbag from a female customer in a club in Matsuyama, Naha.

According to police, SSgt Naoya Hidaka is suspected of having stolen the bag of the female customer who had been sitting next to him, around 1:35 a.m. Saturday. The bag contained ¥9,500 in cash and mobile phones of the woman and her friend.

Police say, Hidaka was apprehended on a street in Kumoji after he got out of the club and the woman noticed the theft. The victim who had ran out after Hidaka alerted police officers who had been coping with a drunk near the club.

The commander of the JASDF Yozadake Sub Base said, “It’s a great shame. We will take steps to prevent a recurrence of this kind of incident.”

Hidaka has reportedly admitted to the charges.


18:02 28 Feb , 2024