Man kills brother in Nago

Nago Police arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing his brother with a kitchen knife, Friday. Police say the man has admitted to the charge.

The man is suspected to have stabbed his brother, 24-year-old Kyohei Miyagi, in the neck around 7:20 p.m. Thursday.

Three Miyagi brothers reportedly lived on the second floor of a two-story house. When the eldest brother came home around 11:30 p.m. Thursday, he found Kyouhei lying on his back on the second floor, and made an emergency call. Based on the statement by the suspect, investigators estimate that the incident occurred around 7:20 p.m. before the eldest brother came home.

Reportedly, Miyagi had a stab wound on the left side of his neck. Police also found at the scene a kitchen knife with a broken handle. An autopsy is pending to confirm the cause of death.

Nago Police continue an investigation to the details of the incident.


21:53 20 Jul , 2024