Okashi Goten confectionary creates new hit cookie sweet

A novelty product by Okashi Goten confectionary shop in Yomitan, “Kokuto Chocolate Torooru” cookies, has proven to be a solid success having sold over 100,000 in three weeks after its launch on July 29.

A company spokesman says they expected to sell about 80,000 of the cookies in the first month, but as the demand clearly is exceeding expectations they now hope that the new product will become a Beni-imo Tart-like (purple potato tart) smash hit.

Creators of the product aimed to make “a chocolate sweet that can be enjoyed in Okinawa’s humid climate.” The cookie is made of raw sugar flavored dough filled with a mix of soft chocolate cream, cane syrup and chunks of raw sugar, Tourists buying the cookies say they enjoy the smell and the texture of raw sugar, as it reminds them of Okinawa.

The cookies sell for ¥650 for a box of eight, ¥960 for a box of 12, or ¥1,450 for a box of 18.


22:21 22 Jul , 2024